How to evolve from an old trading house, specialized in wool, lamb- and sheepskins, over a tropical produce and commodity trader, specialized in Coffee and Cocoa, to a highly dedicated distributor for specialty ingredients ?

Focus on the market is the easy answer. But building on opportunities, seeing niches that start to develop, is another explanation. And to do so, you need focused opportunistic, product specialists, eager to learn and eager to show.

We are an integrated team of product specialists, technicians, sales people, customer-service assistants and logistics assistants, who try to provide the best products, with the best support (technical, regulatory, marketing, supply chain,…) and at the best price or affordable Valued added services.

Our sales people are working from Home-base, each being close to his or her customer base in the respective market-segments. The support-staff is working from our Antwerp head-quarters. Is this way, we can be considered as one of the only cross-border distributors, who services his customers in the Benelux, France, U.K., Germany, Poland, North-Africa and Middle-East from ONE platform and ONE stock.

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